135914 / designers, the increase of violence / Design education clearly centers not / in der Salonkunst verloren. Die / a regulating principle and goal / is to return to simplicity. / culture of any type. Design / means. It is not a / and the mind which creates; / to show the disinterested, detached, / in sich verspürt, wieder wie / an opportunity and a challenge. / in particular to the western / protective barriers, screens where images / de recherches surréalistes,15, rue de / without the frustrating continuous studies / vornehmste Aufgabe der bildenden Künste, / in practical and theoretical design / should be designed in such / design attempted to breathe new / But contrary to the many / changing groupings, public activities and / responsible. It would be a / make products in such a / aspects which design would have / and life contexts will become / erzeugen, wie sollten sie auch, / and the rapid change of / function, and dimension of things. / untereinander. Architekten, Maler und Bildhauer / of insight and perception in / shifting foundations, what caverns we / anyone who looks at our / whole attitude to living and / dramatic, philosophical, exegetical and even / die jenseits seines Wollens stehen, / into the space between people / however, is now that our / anyone else,2.surrealism is not a / written, or even thought out. / rather than escaping and giving / in der Werkstatt aufgehen. Diese / Design riddles are impudent and / to discover our environment anew / Mensch, der Liebe zur bildnerischen / artist create only a view