proposal st. clair interactive subway station by sepideh shahi and marijan zelic

design for flow 07

flow spaces / experience and service design / open city / hidden geography / alternative tactics and strategies in way finding

ruth spitzer and harry mahler for ontario university of art and design, toronto (canada)


this studio and lecture course explores the domain of ‘flow spaces’ and ‘flow state’ in the new context of the emerging design practice of experience and service design. a flow state ensues when one is engaged in self-controlled, goal-related, meaningful actions. students learn the characteristics of flow, its functional and aesthetic qualities and requirements as well as explore its possibilities in projects combining the use of time, place, and space in the creation of events or services with a determined outcome.


the concept of flow was investigated within the context of the city of toronto, creating awareness of the space of flows (people, information, knowledge, reinvigoration) within the urban fabric. this course was organized in conjunction with the open city project, a toronto-based design think tank that is interested in the permanent changing conditions of the open city.