time-units based on unconscious habits by johanna bork, katja saar

to wait and see 08

cultural assessment / ideal experience mapping / identification of user needs / storyboarding / metaphor narrative / body storming / applied research

sarah dorkenwald for karlsruhe university of arts and design (germany)


the workshop ‘to wait and see’ intended to examine the daily life experience of waiting. students were asked to re-design conventions by thinking about the social, emotional, and environmental aspects of waiting.


during brainstorming sessions, the students contemplated questions such as “what do we do, while waiting?,” “do old people tolerate waiting more easily?,” and “how can we improve public waiting environments?” students investigated observation methods and created scenarios of waiting based on their research. after outlining the problem, they developed design concepts. using applied research methods, they were able to evaluate their ideas and execute design solutions.