installation of wallfurniture_lc2 by sarah dorkenwald, munich, 2007


comfort / trick yourself / more space / illusion

papers over the gaps. if you want designer furniture becausewell, because it just looks so chic, but you can’t afford it and you don’t have the space for it anyway. what better solution than to make like a modern day tromp d’oeil artiste, and use a picture instead? Now, thanks to wallfurniture, you can. wallpaper that creates the illusion that a designer showroom lies just beyond your skirting board, wallfurniture is the brainchild of canada-based designers sarah dorkenwald and ruth spitzer, and can be bought as a mass-produced wallpaper kit or custom ordered depending on the mood wanted, and personal taste. you can’t actually sit in the chairs, of course, but that’s never what we wanted this furniture for in the first place, was it?” ‘blueprint,’ magazine for architecture, design, culture, no.208 / june 2003, p.88 (uk)



avverati–a dream come true