photo: maris mezulis

tree city 03

grow the park / landscape design / exhibition design

employer: bruce mau design, toronto (canada)

design: sarah dorkenwald and team, toronto (canada)

client: city of toronto (canada)


in 2001, bruce mau design won a competition in collaboration with rem koolhaas, david oleson and petra blaisse to create a park at the perimeter of the city. the design process for the park was driven by a set of five core values that served as guiding principles in the design of the park.


1. sustainability: design the maintenance

2. stewardship: design the educational effect

3. play: redefine leisure

4. legacy: build a living database

5. beauty: design the icon


the exhibition presented the preliminary masterplan of the ‘parc downsview park’ project. sarah dorkenwald conceptualized a visual communication system for the ‘tree city’ exhibition.